Music Man

This assignment is for GIF and is worth 3.5 stars –

For this task i had to make a gif of my favourite musician. I chose to do Matthew Koma because I have been following him for a couple of years now and I love the song that he did with RAC which was Cheap sunglasses. This is where the GIF is from and why I chose this song. I think that it works really good because you get to see him over and over again which is what the whole song is about as he is the lead singer. I like the fact that if you know the song you will see it and know what he is saying and it will make you want to listen to it because to be honest its a really good song.

The song has a lot of meaning to it as it is saying don’t be fake and just be yourself which is what everyone should listen to.

To make this Gif I put the original video into Adobe Premiere Pro and edited what I wanted to use so that it was about 5 to 10 seconds long in duration, then it was put in to imgflip as an exported video and made into a GiF which was a lot of help.



I think that this GIF works well because it is not too fast or too slow, it shows what is happing and then it moves on to the next shoot which i really like.

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Plan A

This assignment is worth 2.5 stars –

For this task i thought about all the motivational posters that are out there and how they are just dull and boring and no one really listens to them,  I thought that if i was to make one it would have to draw people in and make them read it to understand it. To do this i thought it would be best if it was funny because everyone likes a laugh and it would make people happy and when they are happy they will be more likely to share it in their circles of friends and so on. I found a really good quote that read ‘If plan A didn’t work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool.’ I really liked this because in my life I sometimes feel like I fail at almost everything and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Therefore, I found it to be a relatable quote that the audience can empathise with .

I then found the photo and it hit me that the quote and photo would go together. I put them both into photoshop and edited the photo in and added the text at the bottom making them look like any other motivational poster but a funny one.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 20.35.01.png

I think that this poster worked really well because it has a really funny element to it which will make people want to look at it, and when they do i hope they have a funny bone and laugh.

Story Time

This assignment is for web and is worth 4 stars –

I would just like to say that if you read the blog first you will get spoilers to the story so read the story on because i would like you to know some of the ending before.

For this task I needed to make an account on Inklewriter so that i could write a story, but not just any story, I needed to make a hypertext story. Therefore a story that can be controlled by the person reading it and provides the reader with choices as to what ending they get in the story.

The first thing that I did was to think of a story that I could use and have lots of different endings, I thought of a couple that I liked but it was hard to make them any longer then a couple of endings i need one that had at least three to make it good.

This is when I came up with the idea that every ending would be the same and no matter what the reader did he would die at the end but in different ways I thought that this was good because it was kind of like Final Destination no matter what they did to escape death they couldn’t.

I really liked making this because it let me have complete control over what happened to the reader and no matter what they did they all fell to the story.

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Dancing God

This assignment is worth 4 stars –

I thought that this was a really exciting assignment because the video of the dancing viking man fit into a house beat, which is the music that I enjoy listing to on normal days. I looked at my playlist and found many house tracks that could be used with this video. I watched the video on mute and played the best beats on the songs over it to see if the dancing and the music fit together well. When i found the song that i wanted I put it into Adobe Premiere Pro together with the dancing viking and edited the video into the song so that half way though the song when the BASS drops you can see the dancing viking and have a little laugh to yourself.

When editing the footage it was simply cutting and pasting the footage where it needed to be after it was downloaded from youtube. The videos that were used to make my mash up were:


I found that making this was easier then other assignments but the outcome was better then expected, as i thought it would not match up or something would go wrong, but it didn’t and thats why I enjoyed it.

This music video will mainly appeal to a young audience and I think that anyone that would watch this music video would like the fact that the dancing viking is in the video because it is something unusual and entertaining yet with a reference to popular shows nowadays like Vikings, Game Of Thrones, The Last Kingdom.

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The Iron Song

The 1st video assignment that is worth 4.5 stars –

For this task I needed to pick a film and add suitable songs to the scenes that I liked in order to make them funny or more effective. I chose to do iron man because I love him. After Batman he is my 2nd best superhero, even though he doesn’t have powers so to say but he’s still cool.

The songs that I chose to add to the clips were:

Nickelback Rockstar

FrozenDo you want to build a snowman

Roy JonesCant be touched

Whitney HoustonI want to dance with somebody

I thought that these songs fitted in perfectly with the clips that I found and Do you want to build a snowman had me laughing as I was making it. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage and add the songs to the audio, making it fit. I also added the Iron man title in between the scenes so that the viewer has time to know that it moves on to the next one.

I think that this is one of the best things that I have made in a long time. I know it may not seem a lot to some people, but I am proud to say that I made this because looking back at it  I found that it fits my aim to make it humorous quite well.

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The Magic Song

This is the first audio assigament that has been done for this blog and it is worth 4 stars –


For this audio task I had to make make a song out of nothing just what software that i could find. I have an iMac and garageband comes with it, which is great as it is one of the best peices of software out there today.

When I chose to do this assignment I loved the fact that I could make a song because I have always wanted to make music, it has been one of my dreams for as long as I could remember.

I have always loved rock music and really got into house music as well later on and I thought that it would be good to see if the two fit together well and I planned it out so rock starts the song and house is at the end so we get the best of both.

Since house music is everywhere and so popular nowadays, often in the top 40, I thought it would be a good addition as it will appeal to a wider, more mainstream audience.

This is the song that i made from garageband.

To make this song I needed to listen to a lot of the sounds in garageband which are in thousand but when you find a couple that you like it is easy to match it all up and loop the sound over and over again so that it last longer and the song can go on.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.38.36.png

I got a stable beat going and was enjoying making it but then I had to make it a lot more house which was hard to do, but it had to be done in order to balance out the rock. I chose to put a piano sound in and stop the rock so that the house beats could come in and finish the song.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.37.48.png

It was fun to make and I enjoyed playing around with garageband which I had not done in a very long time. I think in the big picture my song does noting for anyone because it is just another song that people will listen to and they may like it or not. However, no song these days lasts very long. In most cases, within a year everyone will have forgotten the song and in some cases the artist as well.

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Money, Money, Money

This is the second visual assignment worth 3.5 stars –

For this task i need to make people on money look different which is harder then it looks if you can’t draw like me. I found a note with a man on the front which could be changed anyway that i wanted it to be. I came up with the idea of him looking like a super hero or villain and played around with it a bit, but then thought maybe he would look better as an old cowboy/robber. I loved the idea straight away looking for masks that cowboys wore back in the day and came across what he is wearing now, a mask and a bandana.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 02.19.42.png

Looking at this i really like it, well the idea of it i just didn’t do it justice in photoshop and it could have been done better if i had worked on it longer, but for this task i think that it is more then enough.

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Would you follow the caveman?

This is an assignment that is worth 3.5 stars –

This assignment required us to take someone from history and put them in a modern day selfie. I chose to do this assignment because it looked fun to do and I could really get behind it making the best selfie there is.

At this point I didn’t know that I was going to be doing it for a cave man so now that I had chosen to do this assignment all I needed was someone from earlier times, an Instagram post, and my good old friend, photoshop.

I looked all over the internet to find someone that I could make it about but no one was good enough until I came across a caveman. I love the idea of a caveman using Instagram because it would never happen, but thinking more on it I pondered upon the idea that we as a society are dumbing our self down and one day may even be cavemen again so not only is the post about a real life caveman but a secret meaning of us as cavemen. Don’t get me wrong a lot would need to happen for that to become reality but we are dumbing our self down through always using our phones 24/7.

Moreover, to be honest if a cave man was on Instagram you would follow them just to see what life was like or how their life in modern day could be like. They would be one of the biggest stars in the world over night.

I got the photo of the caveman and the Instagram post and put them in to photoshop cutting parts out, adding the caveman picture and adding writing to match what it would look like in a real Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 02.04.55.png

To make this I had to take out the original photo and replace it with the caveman.



After that I had to take out the writing and make my own, thinking about what cavemen would say to each other. After i chose what to say, I made the user name blue to match the style again.


As you can see the caveman has no idea of what is going on in the picture and the writing matches the style of Instagram very well and I think that this is the best work that I have done for my visual assignments.

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The fourth

The first daily create is on my sound clod account which could not be shared, it is the one called knocking which is me knocking the football chat song on different things.

But the second daily create for this blog is see able on my vine acount which can be opened though my twitter. It is a stop motion that i made when i was making my wanted poster from the last blog.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 01.24.46.png

And last again is my recording over one of my favourite shows ‘attack on titan’ which is amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 01.30.51.png


The daily west

Okay we all love old west movies, i mean cowboys shooting cowboys its all good fun and daily creates are just the same fun. My first one is Jesse James telling everyone how good looking he is because every one wants people to know they are good looking don’t they? I mean i do.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 01.07.13.png

Following the old west i made my self just like Jesse James and put a bounty on my head for a wanted poster.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 01.07.31.png

And last for the good old west is my blind drawing of a cactus.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 01.07.50.png