Music Man

This assignment is for GIF and is worth 3.5 stars –

For this task i had to make a gif of my favourite musician. I chose to do Matthew Koma because I have been following him for a couple of years now and I love the song that he did with RAC which was Cheap sunglasses. This is where the GIF is from and why I chose this song. I think that it works really good because you get to see him over and over again which is what the whole song is about as he is the lead singer. I like the fact that if you know the song you will see it and know what he is saying and it will make you want to listen to it because to be honest its a really good song.

The song has a lot of meaning to it as it is saying don’t be fake and just be yourself which is what everyone should listen to.

To make this Gif I put the original video into Adobe Premiere Pro and edited what I wanted to use so that it was about 5 to 10 seconds long in duration, then it was put in to imgflip as an exported video and made into a GiF which was a lot of help.



I think that this GIF works well because it is not too fast or too slow, it shows what is happing and then it moves on to the next shoot which i really like.

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