Money, Money, Money

This is the second visual assignment worth 3.5 stars –

For this task i need to make people on money look different which is harder then it looks if you can’t draw like me. I found a note with a man on the front which could be changed anyway that i wanted it to be. I came up with the idea of him looking like a super hero or villain and played around with it a bit, but then thought maybe he would look better as an old cowboy/robber. I loved the idea straight away looking for masks that cowboys wore back in the day and came across what he is wearing now, a mask and a bandana.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 02.19.42.png

Looking at this i really like it, well the idea of it i just didn’t do it justice in photoshop and it could have been done better if i had worked on it longer, but for this task i think that it is more then enough.

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Would you follow the caveman?

This is an assignment that is worth 3.5 stars –

This assignment required us to take someone from history and put them in a modern day selfie. I chose to do this assignment because it looked fun to do and I could really get behind it making the best selfie there is.

At this point I didn’t know that I was going to be doing it for a cave man so now that I had chosen to do this assignment all I needed was someone from earlier times, an Instagram post, and my good old friend, photoshop.

I looked all over the internet to find someone that I could make it about but no one was good enough until I came across a caveman. I love the idea of a caveman using Instagram because it would never happen, but thinking more on it I pondered upon the idea that we as a society are dumbing our self down and one day may even be cavemen again so not only is the post about a real life caveman but a secret meaning of us as cavemen. Don’t get me wrong a lot would need to happen for that to become reality but we are dumbing our self down through always using our phones 24/7.

Moreover, to be honest if a cave man was on Instagram you would follow them just to see what life was like or how their life in modern day could be like. They would be one of the biggest stars in the world over night.

I got the photo of the caveman and the Instagram post and put them in to photoshop cutting parts out, adding the caveman picture and adding writing to match what it would look like in a real Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 02.04.55.png

To make this I had to take out the original photo and replace it with the caveman.



After that I had to take out the writing and make my own, thinking about what cavemen would say to each other. After i chose what to say, I made the user name blue to match the style again.


As you can see the caveman has no idea of what is going on in the picture and the writing matches the style of Instagram very well and I think that this is the best work that I have done for my visual assignments.

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