Dancing God

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I thought that this was a really exciting assignment because the video of the dancing viking man fit into a house beat, which is the music that I enjoy listing to on normal days. I looked at my playlist and found many house tracks that could be used with this video. I watched the video on mute and played the best beats on the songs over it to see if the dancing and the music fit together well. When i found the song that i wanted I put it into Adobe Premiere Pro together with the dancing viking and edited the video into the song so that half way though the song when the BASS drops you can see the dancing viking and have a little laugh to yourself.

When editing the footage it was simply cutting and pasting the footage where it needed to be after it was downloaded from youtube. The videos that were used to make my mash up were:


I found that making this was easier then other assignments but the outcome was better then expected, as i thought it would not match up or something would go wrong, but it didn’t and thats why I enjoyed it.

Yellow Claw - Shotgun Viking

This music video will mainly appeal to a young audience and I think that anyone that would watch this music video would like the fact that the dancing viking is in the video because it is something unusual and entertaining yet with a reference to popular shows nowadays like Vikings, Game Of Thrones, The Last Kingdom.

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Movie tralier mash-up

For this mash-up/remix I made a movie trailer out of two different movie trailers – Lets be cops/ 50 Shades of grey. If you have seen or heard of any of these movies then you will know that they are of two very different genres, one being a comedy and the other a dark romance story.

I thought about how I was going to do this and decided to have lets be cops as the visual aspect of the content and 50 shades of grey as the audio as with lets be cops it is funnier to see it more then hear it.

These are the original trailers that were used in the making of the mash up.




I liked the idea of a comedy and something completely different coming together  the finding Nemo and jaws movie mash up trailer. It is better when two things don’t match up and to the same thing because it gives it a more interesting vibe, making the viewer want to watch it because they don’t understand at first or something like that.

For this mash up I thought that it would be very fun to do as I could edit and play around with it any way that I wanted too. When I knew what I was going to do I downloaded the trailers off YouTube and put them into adobe premiere pro so it could be edited.

Editing is very simple when you know what you are doing, all that was needed to be done was separate the audio and video of both trailers and delete the parts not needed. After that the video was cut in parts so that it could fit the audio and so that it could run smooth all the way though out the trailer.

It was exported from adobe and put on to YouTube but was taken down because of copyright, it was then placed on vimeo and is still on it when this blog was written.


This is the finished movie trailer of the two.

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