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Anakin Skywalker my Cinderella


Star Wars: Episode 1 – The phantom Menace

For my Cinderella story I have chosen to do it about Anakin Skywalker for Star Wars. I know that it dose not seem like the normal Cinderella story to everyone but following Kurt Vonnegut – shape of stories, I think Anakin is the perfect person to write about and follow his steps in the first movie that he is not Darth Vader.

Scene 1

I’m going to skip the start of the movie as we don’t meet Anakin tell later on. Anakin has been a slave his whole life working all hours of the day and night for some one who mistreats him, never to be free or live a good life. He lives on a planet that no one goes to that is very hot all year round. Anakin never had a father to raise him only his mother.

Now the sad part is out the way lets Cinderella this story up. The first time the Jedi and queen meet Anakin it is shown that he falls in love with her and there is something special about him. After that Anakin goes on to be the first human to win a pod race making his dream come true, because he wins the pod race he frees himself because of what the Jedi had planned for him, this is something that he has always wanted for himself.

Scene 2

When he is leaving the planet he is told that he will train to be a Jedi and go with the Jedi but when they go to the Jedi council he is told that he cant be a Jedi and it was all a waste of time for him to come, which would make any one upset really but any way, he is treated like a kid and just gets told to do stuff like he was a slave again.

scene 3

He is treated like a slave again intel he fly’s a space ship in to space and fights the bad guys to save Naboo and starts his training to become a Jedi. In this story you could say that Anakin is Cinderella, the Jedi and the fairy godmother, the evil mother and sisters are the Jedi council and Galactic empire and the happy ending was that Anakin became a Jedi.




Me, Meself and Me again

Who is Mark Doyle?

I came from a family not rich nor poor just in the middle class. A lot of the time I wished I was richer so I could get new toys and games but now that I am older I loved being middle class I grow up with so many different views of life and how it should be lived.
I have gotten by just like everyone else trying to better my live for me and no one else.
This blog is being set up for my university course (Media Production) at DMU in Leicester but will far surpass the course and I will come in to my own as a writer and person, getting more and more creative as the days and weeks go on. I am a second year student studying at this point interested in radio, photography, music, film making as well as making stuff that shows me as a person. From a young age I have always wanted to travel the world making independent films and creative works of art that I can call my own helping me progress in my creative career.

My name is Mark Doyle and welcome to my blog.