Money, Money, Money

This is the second visual assignment worth 3.5 stars –

For this task i need to make people on money look different which is harder then it looks if you can’t draw like me. I found a note with a man on the front which could be changed anyway that i wanted it to be. I came up with the idea of him looking like a super hero or villain and played around with it a bit, but then thought maybe he would look better as an old cowboy/robber. I loved the idea straight away looking for masks that cowboys wore back in the day and came across what he is wearing now, a mask and a bandana.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 02.19.42.png

Looking at this i really like it, well the idea of it i just didn’t do it justice in photoshop and it could have been done better if i had worked on it longer, but for this task i think that it is more then enough.

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